The wilderness is almost exclusively referred to in waiting terms; untouched, untapped, uncharted, undiscovered, unincorporated, unconquered; as though it has a use that goes to waste without human incursion, even when it comes to viewing these spaces of natural beauty. Combining this recognizable imagery of the Canadian wilderness with that of one of the most constantly and rapidly expanding suburban landscape in Canada, and the place I’ve called home all my life, the Greater Toronto Area, I want to generate the discussion that is long overdue and increasingly important: How long can we continue to grow over our environment instead of with it? 

Matthew M. Garby is a Landscape artist focused on the Post-Suburban growth of both communities and greenspaces. Taking his source material from on-site, plein air painting, he combines this raw imagery of Canadian landscape with that of our changing living spaces to create a dialogue between the natural and the fabricated.